Pranked by Panic

Had another panic attack. Seemed like I could manage it better. As though I could feel it coming. True enough. It caught hold of me. But this time I managed through it with much better control. But today, I encountered some other sensations. My left wrist and my shoulders felt pain and heavy and they … Continue reading Pranked by Panic

Tuesday for Two

As usual. I dread going to work. Although I work on flexi-hours. But the husband says, that flexibility is the exact reason that kills my motivation to head to the office. So I took one hour and a half to get myself ready, the usual. Woke my baby girl up. And told her I was … Continue reading Tuesday for Two

Chatty thoughts

My mind is so chatty. Still trying to find an outlet. A safe avenue to wring out the thoughts. Sometimes they just get entangled. On those motivating and inspiring days, they just beam with lights. Those thoughts and awesome ideas are just seated upright waiting to get handpicked and worked on. As though they have … Continue reading Chatty thoughts